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Dinner planning and cooking lesson for students

Submitted by Penny Nemitz,

Drs. Dan Linden and Eric Williams and special guests, in conjunction with the ATI STEP program, will be hosting a dinner planning and cooking lesson for students from 6pm to 7:30pm for the following dates:

Thursday Sept 22

Thursday Oct 20th

Thursday Nov 17th

During these events participants will be shown how to make a simple, inexpensive meal that will be sure to fit the average college budget. While the meal is being cooked there will be an open Q&A period.

Spots for the dinner portion are limited to a first come/first served basis; however, the Q&A session will be open to all. To RSVP please email Dr. Dan Linden.9

Additional questions can be addressed to linden.9, Williams.1887, and Nemitz.7.