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Meet the Program Excel Staff

Kelly Matta

Kelly Carmack, Academic Mentor and Academic Coach 
(330) 462-6146

Looking back on my experience as a first-gen college student, I remember needing support and direction but was often afraid to ask for help.  Now as an academic mentor and coach, I work side-by-side with students to help them navigate the college system with compassion and encouragement so they never feel alone.

Leslie Eisberg

Leslie Eisberg, Academic Mentor and Academic Coach
(330) 287-1391


As a first-gen commuter student who worked part-time through college, balancing time and energy was an important skill that I had to learn quickly and independently.  I strive to take those experiences and use them to create a nurturing space for students to explore their potential in the classroom and beyond.

Mary Ann Frantz

Mary Ann Frantz, Academic Mentor and Academic Coach
(330) 287-1288 

As the first in my family to go to college, I was eager to learn in my plant-related classes, a procrastinator in English classes, anxious in chemistry and clueless about financial aid and college life. Now, as an academic mentor and an academic coach, I can support your path to graduation--and your transition to a new career or continued education! 

Keegan Hange

Keegan Hange, Academic Mentor and Academic Coach

(330) 287-1301

As a student, I had a hard time adjusting to studying in college, but I grew to enjoy group study sessions with my classmates. Now I use those same teamwork skills with my colleagues to enthusiastically assist students to up their game and get what they want out of their college learning.

Heather Hettick

Heather Hettick, Office Associate
(330) 287-1340

As a student who needed to work to pay for my college education by myself, I had to balance multiple jobs with my studies and commuting from my parents’ home for my first two years.  I am really happy to be in a position now to help students connect with services and realize their own dreams and goals.

Dee Dee Snyder

Dee Dee Snyder, Program Excel Manager 
(330) 287-1223

I’m described as a good listener, a person who helps others find solutions and someone who plans big picture ideas with realistic outcomes. These help me work behind the scenes so our team can provide great services for students.

Denny Talampas

Denny Talampas, Academic Coach 
(330) 287-1207

My goal is to help students do well in math and chemistry because helping students achieve their goals gives me joy and satisfaction. I am flexible with my schedule and ready to help you with much patience and humor.