Power Equipment

Power Equipment involves the service, testing, management, and sales associated with the agricultural, industrial, construction, and outdoor power and equipment industries. See the link at the right for the course sequence / curriculum.

Areas of study include:

  • engines, including diesel systemsP4180136.jpg
  • agricultural, industrial, construction, outdoor, and horticultural equipment
  • electronics
  • hydraulics
  • power transmissions
  • computer applications
  • problem solving, diagnostics, and repair
  • welding and manufacturing processes
  • business management and marketing
  1. Career Prospects in Power Equipment

    Graduates enter the work force in careers involving the purchase, utilization, development, maintenance, repair, and sales of agricultural, outdoor, horticultural, construction, and industrial equipment. Students become service technicians, service managers, parts managers, maintenance supervisors, sales representatives, product development and test technicians, and equipment specialists.

    What Our Graduates are Doing

    Here is just a small sampling of where our recent graduates are working:

    Clay Shane '13
    Performance Technologies