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Zack Matesich

Zack Matesich
Assistant Professor, Chemistry
328 Wooster Science Building


Journal Articles

Denmark, S.E.; Matesich, Z.D.; Nguyen, S.T.; Milicevic Sephton, S., "Catalytic Nucleophilic Allylation Driven by the Water-Gas Shift Reaction" Journal of Organic Chemistry 83 1 (2018) 23-48-23-48
Boroff, J.A.; Matesich, Z.D.; Canache Stuetzer, D.; Schmidtke Sobeck, S.J., "Solvent impact on the photophysical properties and excited state behavior of p-aminobenzoic acids" Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry 305 (2015) 60-66-60-66
Denmark, S.E.; Matesich, Z.D., "ChemInform Abstract: Catalytic, Nucleophilic Allylation of Aldehydes with 2-Substituted Allylic Acetates: Carbon-Carbon Bond Formation Driven by the Water-Gas Shift Reaction." ChemInform 45 51 (2014) no-no-no-no
Denmark, S.E.; Matesich, Z.D., "Catalytic, nucleophilic allylation of aldehydes with 2-substituted allylic acetates: Carbon-carbon bond formation driven by the water-gas shift reaction" Journal of Organic Chemistry 79 13 (2014) 5970-5986-5970-5986