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Sara L. Mastellar, Ph.D.

Sara L. Mastellar, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Ohio State ATI
Skou 221C
Degree Information: 
Bachelor of Professional Studies, Cazenovia College
Ph.D., University of Kentucky

Sara L. Mastellar, PhD, has been at Ohio State ATI since 2017. She is originally from New York state, where she grew up keeping horses on her parents’ dairy farm and participating in Pony Club and 4-H. She earned a BPS in management specializing in Equine Business Management from Cazenovia College, where she also rode on the Intercollegiate Dressage Association team. She then earned her PhD in equine nutrition at the University of Kentucky. After her graduate work she spent three years as the equine instructor at South Dakota State University. In addition to her degrees, she has earned a Graduate Certificate in College Teaching & Learning from the University of Kentucky and completed teaching professional development certificates at both South Dakota and Ohio state universities.

Dr. Mastellar’s research program focuses on supporting undergraduate research and the scholarship of teaching and learning. Undergraduate researchers have been mentored through presentations at Equine Science Society (ESS) meetings and publication of journal articles.

She currently teaches: Introduction to Horse Science, Introduction to Animal Sciences Lab, Basic Horsemanship, Equine Marketing, Equine Facility Management, Equine Nutrition & Feeding, Horse Judging & Evaluation, and Undergraduate Research.


Journal Articles

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Mastellar, S.L.; Bott, R.C., "Scientific literacy of equine students regarding the use of antibiotics & vaccines" 2016 NAEAA Conference 2016.

Technical Reports

Skinner, M.; Mastellar, S.L., "Hoof care for athletes: The SDSU Equestrian team horses" 2017.
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