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Congratulations to the Dairy Cattle Judging Team

Dairy teanPlease congratulate Max Dotterer, Aurora Metz, and Alex Zuber on completing a very successful intercollegiate dairy cattle judging season. The team competed in two contests at World Dairy Expo, September 30 and October 1, in Madison, Wisconsin and a third contest at the Pennsylvania All American Dairy Show in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on September 17. 
   In the Practical Contest at World Dairy Expo, the team placed second overall with seven competing teams … with a first in the registered heifer class and second in both the commercial heifer and linear evaluation classes. In linear evaluation, Alex was third, Max was seventh, and Aurora was ninth high individuals.
    With 11 teams competing in the Traditional Contest at World Dairy Expo, the team earned a fourth-place finish. The team received second place in the Ayrshire breed, third place in the Jersey breed, fourth place in the Milking Shorthorn breed, fifth place in the Red & White breed, and a fourth place in oral reasons. Individually, Alex was twelfth high individual overall, fourth in Brown Swiss, eleventh in Guernseys, fourth in Jerseys, sixth in Milking Shorthorns, and ninth in oral reasons. Max was fourteenth high individual overall, tenth in Ayrshires, twelfth in Brown Swiss, ninth in Jerseys, eleventh in placings, and fourteenth in oral reasons. Aurora received a seventh place in Ayrshires, eighth in Red & White, and tenth in oral reasons.
   At the Pennsylvania All American contest the team placed third among the 6 competing teams. Alex was sixth high individual. The team was third in Ayrshires, Brown Swiss, Holsteins, and oral reasons. Alex received a sixth place finish in Ayrshires, seventh in Guernseys, third in Holsteins, and sixth in oral reasons. Aurora placed third in Brown Swiss while Max placed sixth in Holsteins.
   Also, congratulate Lauren Homan (first-year student) as she placed twentieth in the National 4H Dairy Cattle Contest as part of the Ohio 4H team. The Ohio 4H team placed fifth in the competition of twenty state teams.