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Help Create a More Inclusive and  Equitable Culture at Ohio State

Submitted by Carri Gerber,

Attend this Ally workshop and help create a more inclusive and equitable culture for women-identified colleagues and minoritized groups at Ohio State. Man-identified campus leaders, called Advocates, will lead a virtual Ally workshop on Monday, November 14, 2 - 4pm. Man-identified participants* will learn about gender bias, evidence-based strategies to interrupt it, and ways to contribute to positive changes on Ohio State's campuses. This NSF-supported approach facilitated by The Women's Place helps create an environment where all can thrive and make their full contributions.

Why Ally Workshops Include Only Man-identified Participants
The workshops include only man-identified participants to encourage them to take greater responsibility for promoting gender equity, a goal that is usually led for and by women performing additional labor. Instead, as the primary participants in this program, man-identified colleagues share and learn while holding each other accountable for growth. Led by and for male-identified individuals, these sessions offer a safe and supportive space for participating in critical conversations.

If you are not a man-identified member of Ohio State faculty and staff, encourage your colleagues who are to register by November 13.

If you have questions about accessibility or wish to request accommodations, please contact Typically two weeks' notice will allow us to provide access.

*Since gender identity is an internal, inherent sense for an individual, we specify man-identified as an inclusive term which may or may not correspond to a person’s sex assigned at birth or to a person’s primary or secondary sex characteristics.

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