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Looking for Housing on the Columbus Campus

Submitted by Cate Hunko,

Message from Housing in Columbus via the ATI Transition Counselor:
   If you plan to attend the Columbus campus, please e-mail by February 1, 2023 to request Columbus campus housing materials for the 2023-2024 academic year. Those students who notify us of their interest will be sent housing materials to contract for a space at the Columbus campus during our Columbus campus re-selection period, occurring around the middle of February. You will receive an email message in early February providing detailed information about how to submit your housing and dining preference information and contract for next year. 
   • Single rooms will continue to be assigned centrally, and other room types will be selected based on a random lottery. 
   • Each second-year student will be randomly assigned a number and will be able to select from any available room on campus when their lottery window opens. 
   • Students will be able to choose a room and assign a mutual roommate into that room with them. 
   Contact Cate Hunko.1 if you have more questions or need info about Learning Communities