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Frequently Asked Questions

For commuter students, is it easy to become involved on campus?

Yes. We highly encourage commuter students to become involved in clubs or leadership positions.  Commuter students also find the library, student lounge, Café Carmen, Student Activities Center and computer labs great areas to socialize and study in-between their classes on campus.  Take a look at the following question to read more about what you can get involved in at ATI!  

What is there to do at Ohio State ATI outside of class and studying? 

ATI is home to many clubs and organizations such as Collegiate FFA, Dairy Club, Student Activities Council, Greenhouse Club, Hoof-n-Hide Club, Campus Crusade for Christ, Construction Club, Power Club, etc.  Intramural sports include but are not limited to volleyball, softball, basketball, dodgeball, and flag football. The Student Activities Center houses a workout facility, game room, gymnasium, locker rooms and racquet ball courts, along with regular all-campus events which can be viewed on the Student Activities Calendar.  The outdoor basketball court and tennis courts are accessible, too.  Other events go on throughout the year such as Regional Homecoming events, Welcome Day events, Family Day, Career Expo, etc.

What clubs are there on campus?

We offer several clubs and organizations for students to be involved in such as Agronomy Club, Bee Club, Dairy Club, Hoof-n-Hide Club, Power Club, Turf Club, Construction Club, Collegiate 4-H, Collegiate FFA, Dairy Judging Team, Livestock Judging Team, and Community Council.  There are too many to list here, so be sure to ask around!

What are classes like?

Classes vary day by day depending on your schedule.  They are more challenging than high school and some even have lab components that incorporate applied learning.  Lectures are often followed by a lab where application of what was learned in the lecture is used.

What is the average class size?

Average class size is 25 students.  Some may be smaller around 10-15 students, while others may be around 40-50 students.  Typically, general education courses such as math and English will have a larger number of students in a class.  When students are in their major specific courses, they will generally have smaller than the average class size.

How soon will I find out if I am accepted for admission?

Once your application for admission is submitted online and your application materials are received, you will be notified within 6-8 weeks on your admission decision.  You will be also be notified if any application materials are missing in order to complete your application process.  Feel free to contact the Office of Admission to check up on your status by calling (330) 287-1327.

What is Orientation?

Orientation is a day-long activity prior to the start of classes when new students attend informative sessions and take care of final steps in preparation for enrollment. Students must complete any required placement tests prior to their orientation day. They will also schedule an online academic advising session after their orientation date, when they will register for classes. Students who are entering autumn semester are contacted in the spring to schedule their summer Orientation date. Parents and/or guests are encouraged to attend.

When do you get your student ID (BuckID)? 

Students get their Buck ID when they come to Orientation. Money uploaded on the BuckID can be used like a debit card for on-campus vending machines, bookstore, Café Carmen, and at some local restaurants in Wooster.  Your BuckID serves the purpose if you have a meal plan on campus or if you attend any OSU events on the Columbus campus.  For more information on BuckID, go to

Where can I find a job on campus?

Jobs available to students on campus range from various offices, Admissions, Café Carmen, library, Student Activities Center, maintenance, OARDC, the farm, housing, etc.  Students can look in advance before the school year starts by clicking on ‘Student Jobs’ on the ATI homepage to begin applying for those they are interested in.  Jobs are posted throughout the academic year as they become available.

Do you have Wi-Fi through the school and housing?

Yes, Wi-Fi is provided throughout the school and in our Applewood Village apartments.  

Is there transportation on campus or to the farm offered by ATI?

Ohio State ATI does not have University transportation for students. We are a small enough campus that the convenience of walking to and from the Applewood Village Apartments to our classroom buildings is only a five-minute walk. However, our farm requires a driving commute.  Typically, students do carpool with their classmates if they do not have a means of transportation to these locations.  
The Wooster Bus Transit does routinely stop at Fisher Auditorium on the Wooster campus for students who would like to go to other stores, restaurants and shops in Wooster. The days, times and route locations are posted on campus for students who take advantage of this system. This is free to students by showing their BuckID. 

Are there parking fees/permits?

Students are allowed to have a vehicle on campus, even as a freshman, at no cost!  We do not even issue parking permits.  

Can ATI students still get tickets to OSU events or games?

Yes, we are just like all other OSU campuses.  Students can go to student events in Columbus and can get student section tickets to any of the games.