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Hunger and Food Security

Text Hunger and Food Security Image: fork, spoon and bowl on wooden planked tableIn 2014, one in seven U.S. households and one in six Ohio households was food insecure. Globally, authorities estimate 11 percent of the world population — nearly 800 million people — are malnourished, and farmers will need to find a way to produce 60 percent more food by 2050. Faculty at The Ohio State University tackle the issue from multiple angles by focusing on maximizing efficiencies in food production, examining how to keep food safe and taking the lead on reducing the billions of pounds of food wasted annually.

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Introduction to Agronomy HCS 3100

Principles of Food and Resource Economics  AEDECON 2001

Weed Control Technology  CRPSOIL 2422T

Weed Control Technology 3 mins