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While beef, dairy, fish, goats, hogs, horses, sheep make up the common animals in what we often consider “production agriculture”, humans depend upon the entire range of animals, including exotic species, on the earth for food, fiber, transportation, companionship, ecosystem balances, etc.  The successful care of animals, including meeting their nutrition, shelter, and health needs, determine the benefit of animals to humans from food to medicine.


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Professional Development

Livestock Environmental Assurance Program

Ohio Beef Quality Assurance


Online Course


Animal Growth and Development  ANIMSCI 3100

Animal Systems   ANIMSCI 2200.03

Animal Welfare and Behavior in Livestock Industries   ANIMSCI 4400

Animals in Society   ANIMSCI 2367  

Bar-B-Que Science   MEATSCI 2010

Contemporary Animal Use Issues  ANIMSCI 4597

Data Analysis and Interpretation for Decision Making  ANIMSCI 2260

Introductory Animal Sciences ANIMSCI 2200.01

Principles of Genetic Improvement   ANIMSCI 3150




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