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Phi Theta Kappa, founded in 1918, is the largest honor society in American higher education with more than 1.3 million members and 1,200 chapters located in 50 United States, U.S. territories, Canada and Germany. The American Association of Community Colleges has recognized Phi Theta Kappa as the official honor society for two-year colleges. Phi Theta Kappa has provided numerous opportunities for students’ personal and professional growth through networking, recognition, and scholarships. Our Ohio State ATI chapter, called Alpha Mu Xi, came into existence on January 12, 1987. Phi Theta Kappa recognizes academic achievements of students and provides various regional, national and international activities for its students. Phi Theta Kappa has distributed millions of dollars in scholarships for academic success and transfer to eligible four year institutions. These scholarships are supported by corporate giants such as Bank of America, Geico, among others. We invite our new inductees to make use of these resources for their career successes.

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