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COMPSTDS 2301 World Literature Fischer

Cultures Assignment

First, do your background reading.

1.  Check out the Wikipedia article on your topic. Read for names and titles and write them down. Click on related links.  Take notes!


Now, let's find some poetry. Use the names/titles from your background research.

1. Poetry Foundation

2.  for Native American



1. Start with this list

2. Folklore and Mythology Electronic Texts

3. Native American and First Nation

4. SurLaLune


Short Stories/Novellas/Novels

1.  Search for "classic ____ short stories"  and take notes on authors and titles that appear often, and then track down full text copies or exerpts.

2.  Use the OSU on-line book collection.  Set the collection to "ebooks."



1.  Search for "____ playwrights"  or  "_____dramatists"



Figure out the highest quality newspaper/magazines in your culture and see if they have an English version. For example, Spiegel Online.


Primary Sources/Diaries/Manuscripts

Look for digital collections of your culture.  The NYPL has vast digital collections: