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2021 - 2022 Program Excel Eligibility Form - Parents

This information will be used to determine your students’ eligibility for Program Excel, a U. S. Department of Education TRIO grant-funded program. The information you provide will be kept strictly confidential.

If the student primarily lived with one parent and was claimed only on that parent's taxes, please answer this question for that parent.
Parent Tax Verification for 2020
(This is not adjusted gross income or total income.)
Note: if you do not have a copy of your Federal Income Tax Return, visit to get a copy of your Tax Transcript online.
Questions? Contact Dee Dee Snyder (330) 287-1223,
Parents, please note: your student may be eligible for other services!
College is different from high school. In college, students must register with Disability Services to receive accommodations (extra time on tests, etc.). If your student had an IEP/504 plan or has any of these conditions: learning disability, ADD/ADHD, mental health condition, mobility impairment, vision or hearing impairment, medical condition, your student should contact Ruth Montz, Disability Services, at to determine if they qualify for accommodations. It is in the student’s best interest to contact Disability Services several months before the student’s first college semester. In college, disability information is kept confidential and students determine who that information is shared with.
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