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Benefits of ATI Online Courses

Who should take these online training modules?

Professional development courses are designed for those in the plant breeding or agricultural industry sector who desire to learn more about plant breeding, biofuels and genetics-related topics.  Each course, however, covers different subject matter and may be appropriate for other plant science students or industry professionals.  Suggested background knowledge competencies are listed for each course on an individual basis.  We also have available a pre-test to help you gauge the types and depths of topics covered in each course.

Why should you participate in online training modules at ATI?

While these expanded online module offerings are new at ATI, all of our staff and faculty bring years of dedicated teaching with an emphasis in applied and hands-on approaches. In addition to our subject matter knowledge, we are able to provide you with highly interactive learning, wherever you may be located in the world. The online modules have been created in partnership with plant breeding experts from around the nation through the USDA-funded collaborative grants called the Triticeae Coordinated Agriculture Project (TCAP) and CenUSA Bioenergy.  Some packages are offered in a self-paced format to help you fit course work into your busy schedule.  Other courses are instructor-led to offer you direct interaction with expert teachers, researchers and industry professionals while allowing you to participate from the convenience of home or workplace.  Professional development modules will enhance your skills and knowledge in the workplace, improve your resume, and allow you to collaborate and learn with individuals all over the globe.