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2022-2023 Estimated Expenses

On Campus or Off Campus (Full-time Student)

Final fees are approved annually during the June Board of Trustees meeting and are subject to change. 

Estimated Expenses Ohio Resident Non-Resident
AU Semester SP Semester AU Semester SP Semester
Tuition (12-18 credit hours) $4,450 $4,450 $16,568.50 $16,568.50
Housing Cost (Applewood Village) * $4,069 $4,069 $4,069 $4,069
Meal Plan “Carmen 2” (optional) $938 $938 $938 $938
Hall Council Program Fee $20 $20 $20 $20
Campus Safety & Security Fee $22.50 $22.50 $22.50 $22.50
Learning Tech Fee $49.20 $49.20 $49.20 $49.20
Loan Origination Fee+   $29 $29 $29 $29
Publication Fee ** $2   $2  
ATI New Student Enrollment Fee ** (orientation) $50   $50  
University Billed Expenses $9,629.70 $9,577.70 $21,748.20 $21,696.20
OSU Student Health Insurance (optional)*** $1,765 $1,765 $1,765 $1,765
Additional Estimates        
Books/Supplies $506 $506 $506 $506
Misc./Personal (laundry, transportation, phone, etc.) $2,234  $2,234 $2,643 $2,643
Estimated Cost of Attendance $12,369.70 $12,317.70 $24,897.20 $24,845.20

*Wooster housing is academic-year housing, allowing students to remain living in an apartment between autumn and spring semester and over spring break. (There is a $125 fee for this convenience, which is billed once per academic year and is NOT included in the above totals.) The cost above is if sharing a bedroom with one other student.

**Charged first semester of enrollment only.

+Allowance for the fee charged for federal subsidized and/or unsubsidized loans.  Since most students receive federal loans, this cost has been added to the budget.  (Note: Students must register for at least six credit hours each term they wish to receive a Federal Student Loan, including Parent PLUS loan.)

***OSU Student Health Insurance is not included in the above expense total or estimated cost of attendance totals.  More information can be found at Students are automatically billed for student health insurance.  They may WAIVE out of the insurance plan.  Students who do not waive out of the OSU Health Insurance Autumn Semester must purchase it Spring semester.

NOTE: If enrolled in online courses only, Learning Tech Fee is waived and a $100 Distance Learning Fee is applied.

To view 2022-2023 estimated cost of attendance, select the appropriate link and scroll to view “Regional Campus and ATI” chart(s).
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