AGCOMM 2367 Agricultural Issues in Contemporary Society

Ramsier and Derksen SP 2017


2017 Discussion Meet Questions


  1. Farmers are a shrinking percentage of the population. How can agriculturally related organizations help first-generation farmers and ranchers get started in agriculture?

Keywords:  New to agriculture

                   Young farmers


 Helpful websites:


                          Ebsco databases:

2. Formation of family farm corporations is common practice. How can agriculture work to ensure that the public’s positive perception of the family farm is not lost?

Keywords: family farm

                  generational agriculture

                 incorporating family farms

                 business of agriculture


  1. How can farmers and ranchers maintain their buying power with the continued trend of input supplier and provider consolidations?


  1. Today’s food companies employ many tactics to gain a marketing edge. What is the purpose of food labels? How can policy makers work to ensure that consumers understand the labels and have confidence in the safety and quality of their food?

Keywords:  food labeling (labelling is the British spelling)

Helpful websites:  National Agriculture Library:

  1. Should we draft policy to protect livestock producers from false accusations regarding animal welfare? What could it look like?

      Keywords:  animal welfare

                         livestock welfare

                        livestock policy

Helpful websites:  USDA Animal Welfare Information Center

                             The National Agricultural Law Center:

Databases:  The Animal Health and Production Compendium:

                     Food Science and Technology Abstracts:








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