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AGCOMM 2367 Agricultural Issues in Contemporary Society

Ramsier 2019


2019 Discussion Meet Questions


  1. It is predicted that over the next five years, 60,000 high-skilled agriculture-related jobs will be open annually across the United States.  However, only approximately 35,000 will be filled with graduates equipped with agriculture-related degrees or certificates. Discuss what obstacles are preventing students from pursuing these opportunities.  What are some ways that land-grant universities can recruit and retain students to pursue a degree in the field of agriculture?

Databases to use:


Academic Search Complete. Agricola, Associates Program Source, Education Full Text, Education REsearch Complete, Environment Complete, ERIC, Food Science Source, Garden Landscape and HorticultureIndex, MAS Ultra, MasterFILE Premier, Vocational and Career Collection

Gale in Context Opposing Viewpoints

Issue: College Tuition and Student Debt

          Higher Education


"barriers to college"

"agriculture careers"

agriculture recruitment  and  college

agriculture recruitment  and  college admissions

college tuition and student debt    




2.How can agriculture groups build upon collaborative relationships to combat nationwide crisis such as opioid dependence/addiction and mental health issues?

Agriculture groups:  Farm Bureau, FFA, USDA

Visit their website:  American Farm Bureau Federation

Then search for "addiction"

Database:  Academic OneFile

Then search for "Farm Town Strong"







  1. How can animal producer groups converse with the public that the animal agriculture industry balances production effiencies with the public's expectation of enironmental stewardship and animal care?

Animal producer groups: National Pork Producers

Then search Issues

Then check ou the links for "environment" and again for "animal well being - antibiotics"

Find the Media/Resources tab.

search animal well being

Explore See It Stop  and The Center for Food Integrity


How do the Canadians approach this topic?  Canadian Animal Health Institute


  1. How do farmers and ranchers think and respond, through the lens of consumer prioritis and marketing trends, to build common values and confidence in mordern production methods to build consumer acceptance?  What does research say are best practices to engage in building trust?

Food Marketing Institute

Databases: Academic Search Complete, Business Source Complete, Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection

Keywords: agriculture and consumer perception

                 food and consumer perception (limit to magazines)

                animal welfare and consumer perception