2017-2018 Distinguished Teaching Award Nomination

The Ohio State ATI Distinguished Teaching Award emphasizes and recognizes teachers who excel and provides incentive for teaching excellence at ATI. The award for 2017-2018 will be presented during a faculty/staff awards program in April. Excellence in teaching is found in many ways and manifests itself in a variety of forms. Good teaching is prevalent at ATI and is found in all disciplines regardless of the subject matter. The following criteria will be used to identify the teacher who excels in his/her profession:


  • Stimulates and motivates the students to excel at learning and to apply what is learned.
  • Organizes and presents subject matter effectively, clearly, sequentially, and satisfies the course goals and program objectives.
  • Possesses a comprehensive knowledge of the subject matter and continues to pursue additional knowledge in his/her profession or area.
  • Effectively utilizes people and material resources for developing teaching methods/techniques that enhance learning and understanding.
  • Stimulates students to develop critical thinking skills enabling them to effectively solve problems.


  • Is involved in service to student and professional organizations.
  • Contributes to the development of The Ohio State University; College of Food, Agricultural, & Environmental Sciences; Agricultural Technical Institute; and his/her Division.

Professional Development

  • Develops and maintains an excellent reputation in his/her discipline and/or profession.
  • Contributes to scholarly and research activities within his/her profession and related areas.
  • Members of the Teaching Award Committee and previous winners are not eligible for this year's award, including Dr. Karen WImbush, Dr. Carri Gerber, and Dr. Jon Witter. All other faculty members engaged in teaching and holding the rank of assistant professor, associate professor or professor on a nine- or twelve-month regular appointment who have completed at least three full years of teaching at ATI are eligible for nomination.
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