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BUSTEC 1200T Exploring Business


Group Project:  Small groups will be formed and asked to choose a publicly traded business to analyze and report on.  A formal written report as well as oral presentation will be prepared by each group. 

The reports should provide details on the company's history, products, competitors, financial information, and SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities threats) analysis.

In the financial information section, please include copies of the company's financial statements, a tracking chart and graph (non-web generated) of the company's stock from September 9 through Novemeber 8, as well as a discussion of the company's financial situation.

In addition to listing the company's SWOT analysis, please brainstorm ways the company could embrace, imrprove, face, and/or overcome them.

You may also wish to report on other issues the company is experiencing as they relate to topics covered in the course. Be sure to site references used.


All reports should be double spaced, typed reportswith one inch margins and at least four pages long, not including the cover page, reference page and financial statements.  Please include each group member's name, professor's name, the course name, the due date, and the name of the company you chose on the cover sheet of your report.


A presentation will also be given by each group which outlines the main points of your report.  a PowerPoint presentation is required.  Each group will have approximately 15 minutes to give their presentation and answer questions.  All group members are expected to participate in the presentation.  The written report shall be submitted at the conclusion of your presentation.  Please wear business casual attire for your presentation.


Need to look up articles and information on and about business?


1.  Consult these databases:  Ohio State Business Databases   (alphabetical)

                                                        Ohio State Business Databases   (by content)


2.  In particular try:  IBIS World  for reports on industries

                                   Hoover's Online for company info

                                   Business Source Complete good for SWOT analysis

3.  Plagiarism:  Ohio State Copyright Resource Center

                            OSU Center for the Study and Teaching of Writing