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GENCOMM 2115T Technical and Business Writing

GENCOMM 115T  Technical and Business Writing

Research for Proposals

Proposals fill a NEED (your problem).  Your job is to:

  • articulate the need clearly      (this is your WHY)
  • then make a suggestion, based on RESEARCH, on how to fill that need     (this is your WHAT)

Example:  Let's pretend I work in a library called Kathy's Pretty Good Library

1.  My problem and why I have it:

              Patrons walk out of the library and forget to check out materials before they leave.  Sometime this forgetfulness is intentional, other times it is an accident.  Nonetheless, once an item leaves the library without a name attached it is rarely returned and we librarians have no way of tracking it down.  This creates two problems:  our collection suffers because others can't check out what is missing and it is expensive to replace missing items.  We NEED a way to prevent theft in our library.


2.  My suggestions for solving the problem:


              Here is where the RESEARCH starts!   What might I need to know to solve this problem?


Get background information (figure out your keywords)


use Wikipedia

What have other businesses done to address this problem?


Google search or Bing Search  

Do my professional organizations suggest any solutions?


Look up their websites in a search engine (hint: use

What information is in the databases?


WorldCat Search  and  Database page or Ebsco Search  and

If a product can be purchased to solve the problem, what is the best one?


Consumer Reports  and Consumer Search

Infoworld Test Center (geared more toward business)


Research all the possible solutions to find the best one!

Use the "image" search to find visuals