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Business Office staff update

Submitted by Desiree Lutsch,

Hello from the ATI Business Office. Now that we are back in session I thought it would be a good time to highlight some of the duties of our team.  For our new faculty and staff, we are located in Halterman Hall, office number 211.  We handle financial reporting, budgets and business administration, student accounts, purchasing and purchasing cards, accounts payable, accounts receivable, travel and fleet rentals.

Our team members are Gloria Wirt, Olivia Maurer, Cindy Shelly, and Desiree Lutsch.

Gloria is our Information Assistant and takes care of our fleet and Enterprise rentals; maintains Conference rooms, Skou Lounge, Halterman Foyer and Skou Entrance calendars; submits travel payment requests; purchasing eRequests; general communication, and phone reception.  Manages ATI Sunshine Fund, which is a way of showing support to ATI employees when there is a death in the family, birth, hospitalization, weddings, etc.  The ATI fax machine is also located in Gloria’s area. Gloria’s contact info:, phone 330‐287‐1330

Olivia is our Office Associate and the ATI Bursar, taking care of our student’s fees and payments.  Olivia also prepares the deposits, maintains accounts payable invoices, asset coordinator and is the contact for new vendor set ups.  She is also the travel coordinator, reviews and approves ATI travel. Olivia’s contact info:, phone 330‐287‐1323. 

Cindy is our Fiscal Associate and is responsible for invoicing customers, receivables, purchase orders, eRequests, and pcards and eStores information.  Cindy can also help you look up purchase orders and vendors in our accounting system.  She also performs monthly journals and assists in reconciling and reporting.  Cindy’s contact info:, 330‐287‐1264 

Desiree is our Fiscal Officer, which is the budget manager and business administration manager.  Desiree reviews and reconciles all ATI financial related activities. Perform budget analysis, forecasting, and supports faculty on grant related finance activities.  She is also the contact for fund balances and chartfield information. Desiree’s contact info:, 330‐287‐1296.