Wednesday Wire : September 4, 2019

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  1. Stop in and explore Digital Flagship’s new Mobile Design Land and learn about coding, app development, and other digital skills by experts.

  2. Seminar to highlight the adaptation challenges confronting poor people, notably poor farmers whose livelihoods are fragile and dependent on the weather and launch a year of action to begin rising to meet this challenge.

  3. You are invited to the Warrior Women Hometown Premiere Gala on Sept. 21 on the Mansfield campus.


  1. Updates on staff duties in the business office

  2. Status report on the implementation of Workday

  3. Purchase a WW membership plan between Sept 9th and Oct 18th and get a free WW starter Kit.

  4. University's Welcome Week video includes ATI 

  5. Nominate a student for Buck-I-Experience!

  6. You can book the Community Room in Applewood Village via an online link.

  7. Call for proposals for a one-day Ohio based higher education conference 

  8. SAC Hours for the Week of 9/9-15/2019