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Congratulations, Ohio State ATI Dairy Cattle Judging Team!

Submitted by Royce Thornton,

Please congratulate the Ohio State ATI Dairy Cattle Judging Team on their excellent performance in contests at Eastern States Exposition and the PA All-American.  Team members are Lauren Almasy, Aaron Hand, Megan McCoy, Kylie McLean, Brennan Topp, and Stephanie Wyatt.

Eastern State Exposition, West Springfield, MA (September 15)

·Entire contest:  2nd place team; Kylie McLean – 3rd individual; Lauren Almasy – 8th individual; Stephanie Wyatt – 9th individual; Megan McCoy – 10th individual.

·Oral Reasons:  3rd place team; Lauren Almasy – 4th individual; Kylie McLean – 9th individual; Stephanie Wyatt – 10th individual

·Ayrshire breed:  3rd place team; Brennan Topp – 4th individual.

·Brown Swiss breed:  1st place team; Kylie McLean – 1st individual.

·Guernsey breed:  2nd place team; Brennan Topp – 3rd individual; Stephanie Wyatt – 5th individual

·Holstein breed:  1st place team; Kylie McLean – 4th individual.

·Jersey breed:  3rd place team; Kylie McLean – 5th individual

·Milking Shorthorn breed:  Megan McCoy – 5th individual.

·SUNY Cobleskill was first in the contest and Modesto Junior College was third.  Three schools with fifteen individuals competed in the contest.


PA All-American, Harrisburg, PA (September 17)

·Entire contest:  3rd place team; Lauren Almasy – 2nd individual; Stephanie Wyatt – 11th individual; Brennan Topp – 12th individual; Kylie McLean – 14th individual.

·Oral Reasons:  4th place team; Lauren Almasy – 2nd individual.

·Ayrshire breed:  4th place team; Brennan Topp – 3rd individual; Lauren Almasy – 8th individual.

·Brown Swiss breed:  4th place team; Lauren Almasy – 3rd individual.

·Guernsey breed:  1st place team; Lauren Almasy – 1st individual, Stephanie Wyatt – 3rd individual; Kylie McLean – 4th individual.

·Holstein breed:  4th place team; Lauren Almasy – 10th individual.

·Jersey breed:  5th place team; Lauren Almasy – 10th individual.

·Kaskaskia College was first in the contest with Modesto Junior College following in second.  Seven schools with 28 individuals competed in the contest.  The other schools were SUNY Morrisville, SUNY Cobleskill, Michigan State Ag Tech, and SUNY Alfred.