Wednesday Wire : October 9, 2019

  1. Livestream of Discovery Themes Lecture

    Submitted by Frances Whited,

    Livestream the Provost’s Discovery Themes Lecture by Eli Pariser on Oct. 15 at 6 p.m.

    Don’t miss the livestream of the Provost’s Discovery Themes Lecture by Eli Pariser starting at 6 p.m. on Oct. 15. Pariser is the Omidyar Fellow at New America and author of The Filter Bubble, in which he introduced a new phrase into the lexicon. During this talk, Pariser will re-introduce his original thesis, discuss what's changed since he first wrote the book, and most importantly describe the growing toolset of ideas and interventions that are working to bring people back into contact with each other and with reality.

    Watch the livestream starting at 6 p.m. on Oct. 15 at

    For more information on Pariser and the lecture visit


  2. Grant Writing: An Introduction Livestream Event

    Submitted by Kathy Yoder,

    October 16, 2019

    10:00 a.m.  

     The Research Commons will offer a livestream through CarmenZoom. 
       Grant Writing: An Introduction 
       This session will address some of the similarities and differences between the funding processes for federal/state agencies and private foundations. Topics include: 
       • Best practices for engaging with sponsors 
       • Navigating the research administration/proposal development and submission process 
       • Drafting a compelling narrative 
       • Seeking funding; Including the SPIN Funding Opportunities system and other funding resources 
       • Examples of writing that is both persuasive and clear 
       Presenters Include: 
       Jeff Agnoli, Office of Research 
       James Gentry, Foundation Relations 
       Livestreams will not be recorded, and participants do not need to register to attend the livestream. 
       Livestream Link: 
       For more information or to attend in person in Columbus please see 

  3. Cengage Webinars - Empowered Educator, Oct. 16

    Submitted by Subbu Kumarappan,

    The Empowered Educator Virtual Event returns Oct. 16 with some familiar faces and four new, 30-minute sessions focused on: 
    12:00 PM - 12:45 PM 
    Celebrating Differences Through Culturally Responsive Teaching 
    Are you ready to be a culturally responsive teacher? Professor Essie Childers returns to discuss the value of culturally responsive teaching and how this mindset can benefit you and your students. Evaluate yourself and gain new strategies to embrace cultural responsiveness in classrooms, in-person and online. Leave inspired to foster better connections with all students. 

    12:55 PM - 1:35 PM 
    Speaking Their Language: Adjusting Your Syllabus for Career-Minded Students 
    77% of students worry they won’t have the skills needed for a job. Professor Sherri Singer has had success adjusting her syllabus to emphasize soft skills and attract career-minded students to her class. It’s likely these skills already exist within your course plan—you just need to make them stand out! Listen in for tips to highlight course benefits that extend into the workplace. 
    1:45 PM - 2:25 PM 
    3 Ways to Get Students Career-Ready in Any Course 
    Now more than ever, higher education needs to focus on career readiness. Such skills can be incorporated into any discipline or course, as Professor Matthew Ponder will highlight. By implementing three core principles—developing software proficiency, focusing on project management and presenting industry insights—educators can play a key role in preparing students for the professional world. 
    2:35 PM - 3:15 PM 
    The Frog Prince/Princess of Higher Ed: Transforming Challenging Students into Leaders 
    You can support students in many ways: by becoming more culturally responsive, by incorporating their interests into your syllabus and by cultivating career skills. But what happens when you encounter a roadblock on your roster? Join Professor Shawn Orr as she shares strategies for managing challenging students. Leave empowered to help those students reclaim the path to success. 

    Register here.

       Sent on behalf of the Teaching Committee 

  4. Introducing Ohio State ATI's 2019 King and Queen

    Submitted by Julia Morris,

    The 9th annual regional homecoming courts attended the coronation and reception ceremony at Longaberger Alumni House on Friday, October 4th. ATI and the regional campuses were recognized at this time and the King and Queen's were announced. Remarks were presented by Dr. Bruce A. McPheron, Executive Vice President & Provost of The Ohio State University. A special visit by Brutus was also included! 
    Dr. Boone presented and announced our 2019 Ohio State ATI King and Queen: Mr. Sam Shilling and Ms. Hannah Herr. The other ATI court members included Becky Bernet, Nicole McMullen, Hunter Sandwisch, and Ross Black. Our 2018 Queen Katlynn Fuller and King Robert Selvey crowned our new king and queen. 
    Terry Lanker, Heather Bauder, and the floral design and marketing students designed the 30 bouquets and boutonnieres for the ATI and regional homecoming court members. Once again, they were beautiful and greatly appreciated by all! 
    The court then participated in the OSU Homecoming Parade and pep rally. On Saturday, they were introduced at the Skull Session and on the field prior to football kick-off vs Michigan State. These six students represented our campus and College with such dignity and grace. 
    Last week, our campus had amazing participation at all our Homecoming Events! A huge thank you to the Family Day Committee, Residence Life, Community Council, CFFA, and the Homecoming Court and Committee for their preparation and hospitality in hosting events! Thank you for all those that participated!