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Diversity of OSU Wooster shown at ATI's table at NAACP Freedom Fund dinner

Submitted by Jason Owens,

The continued commitment of OSU/ATI to diversity was evident at the OSU/ATI table at the NAACP Freedom Fund Dinner October 12 
   In the photo (clockwise from lower right): 
   Nicole A. McMullen, sophomore, member of MANRRS-ATI (Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources & Related Sciences) 
   Jason Owens, co-advisor of MANRRS-ATI, Chair of OSU Wooster Diversity Committee 
   Ashley van Hesteren, Upward Bound at ATI, chair of ATI Martin Luther King Day Committee 
   Nathalia Cavichiolli de Oliveira, Entomology visiting scholar from Brazil 
   David K. Lankitus, Hort & Crop Science graduate student from Youngstown 
   Joshua O. Amimo, Food and Animal Health Program post-doctoral researcher from Kenya 
   Ana C. Trabanino Pino, Entomology graduate student from Honduras 
   Louceline Fleuridor, Hort & Crop Science graduate student from Haiti 
   All of the above talked about how they look forward to seeing more of each other more as the two halves of our campus grow together.