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Updates from the Business Office - Rental and Fleet Vehicle Requests

Submitted by Desiree Lutsch,

The ATI Business Office is updating the procedures regarding requests for rental vehicles and use of ATI fleet vehicles. Non-essential domestic and international travel will not be permitted through June 30, 2021.  Business essential travel may occur pending approval procedures as outlined in the travel approval process listed below.

The university has revised guidelines for passenger vehicles (i.e., cars, vans, trucks). Guidance is as follows:

  1. Operate vehicle climate control fan in the “on” position set at outdoor air circulation with maximum flow rate.
  2. Keep all windows open enough for natural ventilation with constant air inflow and outflow.
  3. Occupants wear an appropriate face mask worn properly (extending snuggly from bridge of nose to below chin)
  4. Limit passenger density per vehicle to less than capacity to ensure that there is minimum of one empty passenger space between each passenger.

Fleet vehicle requests – The Business Office will be maintaining an electronic sign out sheet. No  more clipboard. Please contact Cindy Shelly, shelly.12 or Trischa Bell, bell.1312 with the date(s), time(s), reason for the trip and destination to reserve a vehicle. We will advise which vehicles are available for the requested dates/times.

Steps to ensure a clean environment in the Fleet Vehicles:

  1. The driver will be provided with sanitizing wipes when they pick up the vehicle pouch.
  2. Upon exiting the vehicle, please wipe down the inside of the vehicle.
  3. Please remove all trash.
  4. Return the pouch and the sanitizing wipes to Trischa or Cindy in the Business Office upon completion of the trip.

Rental vehicle requests – An approved Spend Authorization (Travel approval) must be in place before requesting a rental vehicle – see guidance below. Once it is approved, complete the Vehicle Request Form – Rental that is located on the Intranet. Email the completed form to Cindy Shelly (shelly.12) and Trischa Bell (bell.1312). We will then request your  rental vehicle from the rental agency and confirm your request once the vehicle is reserved.

*Reminder that drivers of vehicles must be registered through OSU Transportation. If you need to update your registration, complete the form and return it to the business office for processing.

Travel Approval Process (included for rental car request):

Essential Business Travel Process

  1. Prior to travel, initiate a Spend Authorization request in WorkDay. 
  2. The Spend Authorization routes to the department/unit leader and the Cost Center Manager for  approval.
    1. Department leaders will need to ensure travel is absolutely essential. *
    2. CFAES Senior Fiscal Officer will review travels on a dashboard to ensure all are  essential.
      • Questions/concerns will be directed to the department leader and/or traveler.
    3. Business and Finance will conduct ongoing risk assessments and will reach out if  there are COVID-19 related concerns.
  3. Once the Spend Authorization is approved, travel can commence.

*Guiding Principles of Business Essential Travel (all 3 conditions must be justified by business reason and documentation attached to the “Spend Authorization” in WorkDay)

  1.   Business travel is absolutely necessary to University/College mission and why  (robust business purpose required).
  2.   Business can only be accomplished by the traveler’s in-person physical presence and NOT virtually.
  3.   Traveler’s in-person physical presence does not create an unacceptable health  hazard.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the business office.