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Ohio Educators on Campus for Greenhouse Workshops June 14 & 15

Submitted by: Kim

We are pleased to once again have a full-house for two greenhouse workshops for K-12 educators: 1) Greenhouse Basics, and 2) Hydroponics and Pest & Disease Management. Spearheaded by Uttara Samarakoon, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Program Coordinator – Greenhouse & Nursery Management, the team of workshop leaders also includes: Peter Ling, Ph.D., Associate Professor – FABE, Luis Canas, Ph.D., Associate Professor – Entomology, Francesca Rotondo, Ph.D., Research Associate – Plant Pathology, Francesca Hand, Ph.D., Associate Professor – Plant Pathology, and Kellie Claflin, Ph.D., Assistant Professor – ACEL. Information about the workshops is available at: