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Teaching Context-Appropriate Search Strategies Workshop

Submitted by Kathy Yoder,

When: May 26. Noon - 1 p.m.

   With so many search tools and resources available, determining the most effective strategy to locate needed information can be a challenge. Students must be able to consider the context in which they will be using information to select the most appropriate way to search.
    In this workshop, participants will learn about teaching strategies and resources that can be used to help students locate relevant information using context-appropriate search strategies.
   This workshop aligns with the expected learning outcomes for GE Foundations courses:
   • Writing & Information Literacy: Locate, identify and use information through context-appropriate search strategies.
   This workshop is open to all faculty, instructors, graduate teaching associates and staff at Ohio State. Those teaching or developing GE courses with information literacy learning outcomes are especially encouraged to attend. Non-Ohio State affiliated participants are also welcome.
   For eligible participants, attendance at the workshop can count toward completion of the Teaching Information Literacy teaching endorsement through the Drake Institute for Teaching and Learning.