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ATI student selected as AmericanHort HortScholar

Submitted by Terry Lanker,

NatalieNatalie Guisinger has been selected as one of six national 2020 AmericanHort HortScholars. The AmericanHort HortScholars program sets students in horticulture on a path to success by exposing them to the breadth of the horticulture industry, its opportunities and its leaders. The program offers a beyond-the-classroom experience, giving insight and awareness of the industry, its supply chain, and where the scholars might find a home for their passion. The focus of the program is on professional development, including attending educational sessions, networking and working with industry mentors at Cultivate’20 Virtual.

A Bellville, Ohio native, Natalie graduated this spring with an Associate of Applied Science in greenhouse and nursery management. From the "Meet the Hort Scholars" web page:

Natalie Guisinger - The Ohio State University ATI

My love for plants started later in life than most. Although I grew up in the country and we always had a garden, it wasn’t until after I graduated high school and started a summer job at a local greenhouse that I found my love for plants. I then started my college career undecided. It was clear after the first semester that I had a passion for plants. I found myself trying to grow everything and checking plant books out at the library. I soon decided my major and switched schools. I am now graduating from The Ohio State University ATI with a AAS in Greenhouse Management. I hope to spend the rest of my horticultural career helping other learn more about how important plants are in our lives.”

Congratulations, Natalie!