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News from the ATI Dairy

Submitted by Royce Thornton,

The ATI Dairy was recognized for high production at the 2019 Wayne-Ashland Dairy Service Unit annual meeting. Both the Holstein herd (30,512 pounds of energy corrected milk per cow per year) and the Jersey herd (25,648 pounds of energy corrected milk per cow per year) were recognized as the 2018 top producing Holstein and Jersey herds on two time per day milking in Wayne and Ashland counties. In addition, the ATI Jersey herd was the second highest producing herd in Ohio for 2018. The ATI Holstein herd was just below the top 20 Holstein herds recognized by the state Dairy Herd Improvement Association. 
The ATI Holstein herd received the Progressive Genetics Award from Holstein Association USA for the 18th year. The Progressive Genetics Award is given by the national Holstein Association to herds that are in the top 500 herds in the United States ranked by Total Performance Index - a genetic selection tool. 
OSU-ATI Disco Chita 2646 - ET sold for $2200 at the Spring Dairy Expo Buckeye Classic Sale. The 6-month-old calf was the second high seller for the Jersey animals in the sale. Her new home is in Michigan. 
The Holstein herd was classified for conformation/type in February. The average Breed Age-Adjusted (BAA) average for the herd was 103.9 - significantly higher than the Holstein breed average of 100. The highlight of the Holstein classification was when OSU-ATI Moonboy Bambi 1430 scored Excellent - 91 points ... similar to receiving a 32 ACT score.

OSU-ATI Moonboy Bambi
   Another highlight for the dairy in 2018 was when OSU-ATI Texas Buff 2521 was featured in national advertising for her sire - Heartland Irwin Texas - by Select Sires.

OSU-ATI Texas Buffy   
   Both photos were taken in ANMLTEC 2707T Dairy Cattle presentation class by Jenni Thomas (a professional cattle photograher) assisted by the students in the class.