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What's the Buzz about?

Submitted by Katie LeMasters,

“ATI Buckeye Buzz”-  a new student information flyer is up on campus for the month of March.  It is located in the restrooms, above drinking fountains and on bulletin boards.  The flyer will be posted each month and will hopefully help students focus on specific items they’re missing in email.  If you feel you may have something relevant to student activities, clubs or events, please email at least one week prior to the start of the new month.  Information should include dates, times, location information and a contact.  If there is information about the submission or a registration form exists online a URL is requested to link to the event via QR code.  In an effort to keep the flyer uncluttered, readable and relevant to students, some submitted items may need to be prioritized as pertinent to the majority of the student body or not included depending on the number of items submitted for the month.  

Examples of upcoming information that will be on the April issue include: Celebration of Students Week events, final exam and commencement info.