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Conference: Faculty Idea Exchange (FIX)

Submitted by Subbu Kumarappan,

Friday, June 19, Columbus

The Columbus State Faculty Idea Exchange (FIX) is an annual summer conference planned by the CSCC Instructional Success Committee (ISC) that provides a forum where college educators from Central Ohio and beyond can share and compare best teaching practices. College teachers from every institution are invited! 
   Free Registration! Travel will be arranged from Wooster to Columbus. 
FIX 2020 is scheduled for June 19, 2020 from 8:30 am-2:30 pm at the Columbus State Community College WD Conference Center. We are excited to announce that this year’s keynote and plenary speaker is Dr. Omid Fotuhi, a cognitive-social psychologist from the Learning Research and Development Center at the University of Pittsburgh, and the Director for Learning and Innovation at WGU Labs. He is renowned for his research on optimizing performance for student success, and his expertise includes the psychology of student success, mindset interventions, barriers to effective goal-setting, and how institutional messaging impacts student success. 
In addition to the featured speaker, FIX is thrilled to invite faculty and other education experts from higher-ed institutions of Central Ohio (and beyond) to present at FIX 2020. Please see CALL FOR PROPOSALS for details on how to submit a proposal to present. 
   Sent on behalf of the Teaching Committee