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Workday Deployment Pushed to December

Submitted by Frances Whited,

Received today from Enterprise Project:


The coronavirus outbreak has impacted all facets of our personal and professional lives, including Enterprise Project activities. However, we are so proud of the recent progress you have made in completing end-to-end tests, revising training plans and completing virtual user acceptance testing sessions. This is, truly, a resilient and resourceful team, and we thank you for your enduring dedication and hard work.

As Executive Sponsors, we are aware of the impacts this pandemic will have on the project. The university must be focused at this time on patient care, online course delivery and other critical services, instead of time-sensitive testing and training activities related to the Enterprise Project.

Due to these concerns and the uncertainty of the coronavirus outbreak, we have made the difficult decision to extend the initial Workday releases by six months. We have instructed the project’s senior leadership team to immediately begin developing a plan to accommodate new deployment dates in December 2020 and January 2021. Our Workday Student implementation timeline remains unchanged.

Please know this timeline extension is not related to Workday product readiness or the project team’s work. Workday will meet our operational needs, and you are making tremendous progress on our timeline. This is the right thing to do in the midst of extreme extenuating circumstances.

Mike Anderson, Natalie Sisto Means and Beth McCluskey will soon provide more details on your next steps, including the team’s immediate priorities. Please know you have the unwavering support of the Executive Sponsors Group. We are wishing you and your families health and safety during this trying time.