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Supervisor's Toolbox

Submitted by Zac Burkey,

The Supervisor's Toolbox Certificate Program: The Right Tools for the Right Time!

Wednesdays – March 23 – May 11 – 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

The Supervisor's Toolbox includes: 

Laying the Foundation for Success as a Supervisor

·Transitioning to Supervision: Roles & Responsibilities of a Supervisor

·Understanding & Adapting Your Style to Get Results (with DiSC®)

·Managing Time & Priorities

·Dealing with Difficult People & Conflict Resolution

Building Positive & Effective Relationships at Work 

·Polished & Professional Communication

·Motivating & Retaining Employees

·Coaching Employees for Peak Performance

·Setting Expectations/Giving & Receiving Feedback

Who: Front line supervisors, lead people, those new to supervision and those with minimal experience or training

Where: Wooster Campus Conference Center – CFAES Wooster

Investment: 8 Sessions ~ $1485 ~

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