Using BigBang AR app as an icebreaker

Submitted by Valerie Childress,

As you know, I'm a tech and science nerd so recently I came across an article about a new app called "BigBang AR".  So, I downloaded it to my iPad and put on my headphones to see what it was about.  Of course, I thought it was awesome but then I thought I might share it with you because it could be used as a great icebreaker activity for the first or week of class in the fall of 2019 (you might want to check to see when they are getting their iPads).  In the fall our incoming freshman will once again be given iPads so that means almost all of our students will have iPads.  I'm working on some ways for them to be used in education so here is one of my ideas for an icebreaker or introduction activity:

  • Ask them to bring their iPad and a pair of headphones to class
  • Have them download the BigBangAR app * have them explore the app and then at the end it asks them if they want to take a "star" selfie (we know how students love taking selfies)
  • Have them upload their selfies to Carmen in a discussion board and introduce themselves

** if you are teaching chemistry or biology this might be a great introduction into elements I can show you how to do this activity if you need help. Article:

How to download:

Here is my star selfie:

Big Bang photo