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Wednesday Wire: June 6, 2018

  1. Welcome to the Wednesday Wire!

    Submitted by Frances Whited,

    Welcome to the Wednesday Wire, our new Ohio State ATI weekly newsletter. We all get too much e-mail, and sometimes we miss the important stuff when it's surrounded by irrelevant stuff. The Wednesday Wire will corral the important stuff info one weekly e-mail. 

    We're counting on YOU to make it work, by submitting your announcements to the Wednesday Wire rather than sending a mass e-mail to the ATI listserve. It's really easy to submit something. Go here:

    Fill out the form, click submit, and you're done. You can also find the form in the drop-down menu in the Intranet tab on the ATI website.

    Deadline for submissions is noon Monday the prior to publication. If you submit after the deadline, your submission will be included in the following week's Wednesday Wire, if appropriate. 

    As with any new endeavor, we might encounter some kinks that need to be ironed out. If you have problems with the form or have suggestions for improvement, please let me know.



  2. Access, Excel, PowerPoint Workshops

    Submitted by Kim Sayers,

    You can take advantage of the variety of Microsoft Office workshops available this summer right here on campus. Workshops include five different Excel classes, basic Access and a PowerPoint session, scheduled throughout June and July. All sessions will be held, as there are already people registered, but space is still available if you see something you need! For details, go to

  3. Conservatory temporarily off limits

    Submitted by Terry Lanker,

    Fencing was recently installed around the historic Raemelton Conservatory and many have asked what's happening. In short, the fencing is a temporary safety measure due to glass slippage from the roof. We are working to remedy the situation which may involve temporary relocation of the tropical plant collection. Effort is underway to establish the conservatory as an advancement priority so that funds can be raised for necessary renovations. For now, the conservatory is closed to the public. 

  4. Ohio State to raise tuition 1.4 percent this fall, keep guarantee

    Submitted by David Dietrich,

    Ohio State University is expected to raise tuition and fees for incoming in-state freshmen next year but continue its tuition guarantee for those students — locking in their costs for four years.

    The university’s board of trustees are set to vote this week on a 1.4 percent tuition increase for Ohio freshman starting in the upcoming 2018-19 school year.

    For incoming in-state students, tuition and fees at the Columbus campus would total $10,726 per year through the 2021-22 school year, a $134 increase over the previous year’s guaranteed rate. Including the most common housing and dining plans, the total cost for incoming in-state students would be $23,160, up $316 from last year’s guaranteed costs for incoming freshmen.

    The tuition guarantee before the trustees this week also would set in-state tuition at $7,644 per year at Ohio State’s regional campuses, and $7,608 per year at the Agricultural Technical Institute in Wooster, a 1.2 percent increase over the guaranteed price for last year’s in-state students at those locations.

    Out-of-state students pay a non-resident surcharge that is not part of the tuition guarantee. For those out-of-state students who started at Ohio State this past fall, costs will increase 3.1 percent this coming school year to $30,608. Costs for incoming out-of-state freshman starting this fall will be $30,742.

    The board is expected to vote on the tuition and fee increases at its meeting Friday.

  5. FY18 Purchasing Deadlines

    Submitted by Desiree Lutsch,

    As FY18 nears completion, all invoices, pending approvals and e-Requests need to be complete and submitted by Friday, June 22, 2018. This includes P-card transactions. 
    FY19 invoices will not be processed until July 1, 2018. 
    If you have any questions, please contact the ATI Business Office team: Desiree x71296, Sharon x71323, Cindy x71264, and Gloria x71330. 

  6. NACTA Conference Comes to Wooster in 2021

    Submitted by Thom Janini,

    On June 15-18, 2021, the 67th Annual Conference of the North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture (NACTA) will be hosted by the College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences on the college's Wooster Campus. Planning for this event will begin in late June of this year after the completion of the 64th Annual NACTA Conference in Ames, Iowa. If you would like to be involved in the planning process for the 2021 conference, please contact the 2021 Conference Planning Chair, Thom Janini at

  7. Planned Classroom IT Upgrades - Summer 2018

    Submitted by Jeanne Osborne,

    The IT classroom upgrades are continuing on the Wooster campus Summer 2018. 
    Halterman 280, aka, the Design Studio is scheduled for a top-to-bottom refresh that will include new desks and chairs as well as a high definition projection system and hardware/software support for screen sharing from student iPads. The plans include 3 student workstations that will provide students the computer power needed to use industry-standard software packages. 
    Skou 100, 101 and 105 are also planned for IT upgrades, which will include standardized classroom packages and screen sharing capacity so instructors using those spaces will be able to take full advantage of the student iPads in their interactions with students. Classrooms that were upgraded last summer/fall (Halterman 082, 124, and 285; Skou 201, 205, and 206; and the Construction & Landscape Building) are also planned to be retrofitted with screen sharing capacity. 
    Any questions regarding the plans may be directed to Jeanne Osborne (osborne.2). 

  8. OCIO Transition Information

    Submitted by Desiree Lutsch,

    There is a new standard process for purchasing computers and other technology equipment for all CFAES departments and units. This includes equipment purchased with grant funds. 
    If you need to purchase computers or other IT-related items, please contact the IT Service Desk. You can contact it through the following methods:   

    You should NOT submit an eRequest or purchase the equipment directly. 
    The IT Service Desk team will work with you to determine specific requirements and find the best option. Based on the joint determination, the IT team will initiate the purchasing transaction. 
    Please note that some items are NOT covered by the refresh program. Examples include iPads, software, and some services. The IT Service Desk will work with you to order these items. If it determined that the item needs to be charged your chart fields, OCIO will work with fiscal. 
    Please see the following link for more information: