Wednesday Wire : June 3, 2020

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  1. Dr. Ryan Haden recognized by Residence Life

    Submitted by Kris Boone,

    The Academic Initiatives Committee housed in Residence Life recognized Dr. Ryan Haden for significant contribution to academic initiatives in the residence halls. Below are some words that his nominator, Hunter Sandwisch, said in their nomination. 

    “On September 16, 2019, students assembled at the Ohio State ATI Community Room for the Holly Ct. RA’s program “Do Something Good with your Trash." The program had guest speakers Dr. Ryan Haden, Catherine Herms, and Dr. Frederick Michel who all spoke on the importance and benefits of composting and how to do it in the apartment village. After listening to a presentation, the students were led outside where they helped to put together a compost bin outside of the community room as it would serve as the main bin until others could be built. The students worked together to build the box as well as learning the basics of how to maintain the cleanliness of the area. After the bin was installed, the residents signed up if they were interested in composting and were given their very own compost bucket for their apartment. The bucket serves as a container for scraps of food such as fruits, bread, and vegetables. After filling the bucket, students were able to take the small bucket to their own bin that would be built near the village trash collection location. The goal of the program was to get the community involved in a green system that helps bring them together. Pilot program participants were encouraged to participate in a friendly village competition. Whoever has the most compost in their bin by the end of the year will win tickets to the Ohio State Cedar Point Day. Overall, this program did a great job in bringing the community together for a common good to preserve the environment that lowers our waste output while also encouraging residents to learn more about environmental wellness. Because our residents love working with their hands, they really enjoyed the active component of the program.”

    Congratulations, Ryan!


  2. Condolences to Dr. Ron Borton

    Submitted by Cindy Shelly,

    Please keep the family of Dr. Ron Borton in your thoughts as his mother passed away last week. Dr. Borton is an emeritus faculty member who held a number of teaching and administrative positions during his tenure at ATI. His son, Jim, is an ATI graduate and his grandson (Jim's son) will be attending ATI in the fall. Following is his mother’s obituary:

  3. AU2020 Teaching Survey

    Submitted by Peggy Lindsey,

    Please complete the AU2020 Teaching Survey to share your professional development and equipment needs for your fall classes. The survey can be found at and will be open through Monday, June 8. If you have questions, please contact Rachel Ramiser, Victor Ujor, or Peggy Lindsey.


  4. TED-Ed

    Submitted by Valerie Childress,

    Most of you have probably watched a TED conference video and maybe shown some to your students but TED-Ed offers already created interactive videos lessons or the ability to create your own. For example, here is a TED-Ed lesson on the coronavirus:

    To find out more information about TED-Ed or to register for your free account, go to:
    Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.