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ACEL faculty news from the 2019 National AAAE Conference

Submitted by Kris Boone,

From Tracy Kitchel:

I’m happy to provide an overview of our participation at the 2019 National AAAE (American Association for Agricultural Education) Conference in Des Moines, Iowa. I have listed papers and posters with ACEL co-authors in bold.

Conference Papers

  • Quantity vs. Quality: How Do Varying FFA Civic Engagement Programming Structures Influence Students’ Civic Competency
    • Will Bird, Amanda Bowling, and Anna Ball
    • This was also one of the Distinguished Papers selected for special presentation at the opening session
  • The Process of Literacy Integration in Agriculture Classrooms: A Grounded Theory
    • Laura Hasselquist and Tracy Kitchel
  • A Mixed-Methods Analysis of the Effect of the Spiral of Silence on Faculty’s Science Communication
    • Taylor Ruth, Joy Rumble, Lisa Lundy, Sebastian Galindo-Gonzalez, Hannah Carter and Kevin Folta
  • Inclusion at Face Value: State FFA Association Use of Instagram to Promote Membership Diversity
    • Cara Lawson, David Doerfert and Caryn Filson

Research Posters

  • Motivating Student to Not Sleep through Statistics: The Power of Inquiry
    • Amanda Bowling and Joy Rumble
  • Land-Grant Faculty’s Past Experiences with Reporters
    • Taylor Ruth, Madalyn Hammel, Joy Rumble, Lisa Lundy, Sebastian Galindo-Gonzalez, Kevin Folta, and Hannah Carter
  • What’s on the Agenda? News Coverage of GM Food’s Effect on the Environment
    • Taylor Ruth, Gina DeLascio, Blake Colclasure, and Joy Rumble
  • An Exploratory Application of Social Network Analysis in Focus Group Discussions
    • Yu Lun Wu and Joy Rumble
  • Educational Organization Structure Supports Curriculum Change
    • Aaron Giorgi and Susie Whittington

Innovative Idea Posters

  • Reflection-in-Action: Promoting Metacognitive Development of Pre-Service Teachers
    • Aaron Giorgi, Amanda Bowling, Caryn Filson, and Tracy Kitchel

Professional Development Sessions

  • Using Mixed Methods in Applied Settings: Development and Implementation
    • Joy Rumble and Taylor Ruth

Session FacilitatorAaron Giorgi

Session DiscussantJoy Rumble

I just wanted to share my sincerest appreciation to Susie Whittington for assembling my nomination for selection as AAAE Fellow. I am very honored to have been selected. Also, thanks to those who sent kind notes or support via email or social media. Your support was so kind!

Thanks for all you do to represent our department well!