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Webinar - Exploring a Skills-based Approach to Occupational Mobility

Submitted by Subbu Kumarappan,

Useful webinar for advisors and program coordinators to provide career advice for students:
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   In a new report, researchers at the Federal Reserve Banks of Philadelphia and Cleveland analyze tens of millions of online job ads — and the skills listed therein — to identify viable career transitions between lower-wage occupations and better-paying occupations requiring similar skills. This webinar highlights the findings of this new research on a skills-based approach to occupational mobility, which could offer economic pathways out of lower-wage work for those without a bachelor’s degree and help meet the talent needs of employers. The session will also include a practical illustration of the research and lessons learned from Education Design Lab’s work in regional economies that are attempting to solve their skills gaps through education and training. The takeaways from this webinar are especially relevant in the COVID-19 environment and recovery as employers attempt to refill positions with skilled workers and millions search for jobs that leverage and reward their abilities.
    Kyle Fee, Senior Policy Analyst, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
    Marta Urquilla, Chief Program Officer, Education Design Lab
    Keith Wardrip, Community Development Research Manager, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
    Matuschka Lindo Briggs, Director, Communications and Strategic Support Community Development, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis (moderator)