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OCIO Transition Information

Submitted by Desiree Lutsch,

There is a new standard process for purchasing computers and other technology equipment for all CFAES departments and units. This includes equipment purchased with grant funds. 
If you need to purchase computers or other IT-related items, please contact the IT Service Desk. You can contact it through the following methods:   

You should NOT submit an eRequest or purchase the equipment directly. 
The IT Service Desk team will work with you to determine specific requirements and find the best option. Based on the joint determination, the IT team will initiate the purchasing transaction. 
Please note that some items are NOT covered by the refresh program. Examples include iPads, software, and some services. The IT Service Desk will work with you to order these items. If it determined that the item needs to be charged your chart fields, OCIO will work with fiscal. 
Please see the following link for more information: