Wednesday Wire : June 12, 2019

  1. Heath Station moves temporarily

    Submitted by Kathy Yoder,

    The Health Station which allows YP4H members to weigh in and take a blood pressure readings has been relocated to the SAC while the library is under rennovation. 

  2. Equine faculty participate in national conference

    Submitted by Sara Mastellar,

    Our equine faculty spent June 3rd-6th at the 2019 Equine Science Society meeting in Asheville, NC. Dr. Wimbush was involved in running the student competition and judging the equine reproduction section. Dr. Mastellar was an abstract reviewer for the teaching and extension section as well as a judge for the nutrition section. Both faculty and ATI alumna Hailey Kunath were involved in research presented at the conference. Links to the abstracts are below: Equine and wildlife use of and preference for salt blocks in pastures. H. Kunath*, K. Bennett-Wimbush, and S. L. Mastellar Postprandial glucose, insulin, and interleukin-1β responses to steam-rolled barley in lean and overweight horses. J. K. Suagee-Bedore* and S. L. Mastellar Effect of feeder style on behavior and cortisol concentrations in group-fed horses. K. Bennett-Wimbush*, S. L. Mastellar, and J. Suagee-Bedore

  3. Library closure

    Submitted by Kathy Yoder,

    The ATI Library will close temporarily while it undergoes renovation. Kathy and Kris will be available to answer questions from their interim office in Halterman 145 starting Monday, June 17. 

  4. Carri Gerber assumes permanent role in Academic Affairs

    Submitted by Kris Boone,

    I am pleased to announce that Dr. Carri Gerber, currently interim assistant director for academic affairs, is getting a more concise title. Specifically, we are now able to remove “interim.” I’m very grateful that Dr. Gerber as agree to serve in this capacity. 

    Dr. Gerber is associate professor and was coordinator of the biochemical sciences and environment and natural resources programs. She joined the faculty in 2006. At ATI she has taught courses in biology, ecology, biochemistry, statistics for research technicians, laboratory analysis, and chromatography. She advised students majoring in biochemical sciences with specializations in biology, food science, and pre-veterinary medicine, as well as students majoring in environment and natural resources with specializations in environmental science and natural resource management. Dr. Gerber received the 2017 Distinguished Faculty Teaching Award.

    Prior to joining the faculty at ATI, Dr. Gerber was on the faculty of Axia College of Western International University, where she was an online facilitator for distance education courses. She also served as a postdoctoral researcher at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation’s Department of Cell Biology, where she conducted research on selenoprotein biosynthesis and guided the research of undergraduate students. Her area of expertise is molecular genetics, and her research has been published in such journals as Methods of Molecular Biology, Cell, and Genetics.

    Dr. Gerber holds a bachelor of science degree in biology and Ph.D. in regulatory biology from Cleveland State University.

    Please join me in welcoming Dr. Gerber in this new capacity

  5. Update from Dr. Boone

    Submitted by Kris Boone,

    HI Folks

    I did a little update for Carri Gerber’s team this week and realized: Dang, we have a lot going on.  So I thought I should write it up to share with you all.

    1. Strategic planning is continuing. Dave Benfield and I are working on the writing.  It is not the most fun writing to do, but we are coming along and will have a draft out probably early in fall.

    2. The master facility plan for Wooster will also crank up this fall.  A consulting group has been hired and will facilitate discussions. You will have opportunities to participate.

    3. Joy Rumble is representing us and ACEL on the CFAES strategic alignment steering group. 

    4. We recently hosted the University’s Alumni Association Board of Directors. Michelle Villers did a great job in setting everything up.  We had faculty, staff and students interacting with them. We received some very nice thank you notes.  To all who participated, thanks so much.  This was an important group to host.

    5. Another fun group that our faculty and staff hosted recently was the CFAES Advancement Team – Advancement includes our development and marketing and communication folks for the college.  Our new leader, Keith Didonato, is a CFAES graduate and Gary Crocker’s nephew! I’m really enjoying working with Keith, who formerly was with the College of Wooster. He will be located on the Columbus and will frequently be in Wooster.  Also Pablo Villa, who is our development officer, spends quite a bit of time in Wooster and is located in Shisler when he is here. 

    6. We are seeing facilities upgrades this summer in an office in Halterman, admissions, and the library.  Also in the June Board of Trustees meeting, our swine unit was approved as a capital project, as was funds to re-envision the Fisher Auditorium building to meet changing campus needs.

    7. Last week we had a positive meeting with Mark Conselyea, Associate Vice President for Facilities Operations and Design.  This office is highly involved with capital projects on our campus.  

    8. Planning for the Wayne County Fair has started. Faculty, if you have interactive demonstrations or projects, we are looking for ways to incorporate those into our schedule. 

    9. Thank you to Mark Schleppi who is leading our efforts regarding safe handling of equipment by students. Our faculty and staff recognized a significant issue in this area.  We are working on an immediate means to address this for fall and, looking to the future, a longer-term solution.  I really appreciate the faculty and staff for bringing this to my attention. 


    Last thing:  Orientation starts next week!  Thom Janini and Dave Dietrich have done a great job in refreshing our orientation.  I appreciate everyone who is putting so much time and effort into making this happen.  We know not everything will work perfectly, but let’s keep notes on improvements we can make.  We have found the students and their supporters are using the orientation book we mailed them to prepare for orientation! In fact, they are so thoroughly preparing that they found inconsistencies in some of the other forms of communication we have like our website. So we are working on that too.


    Thanks all. Go Bucks!