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Digital Accessibility Policy Training

Submitted by Thom Janini,

Dear Staff and Faculty:
   We have all come to rely heavily on digital and online material to communicate with and teach our students, as well as work with each other. This is especially true while we work through the challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic. Guaranteeing accessibility to this material is everyone's responsibility.
   To meet the university requirement for digital accessibility, Digital Accessibility Policy awareness training is being recommended for all faculty/staff. The training is brief and highlights the importance of digital accessibility in fostering an equitable and inclusive environment.
   The Digital Accessibility policy establishes minimum standards for the accessibility of Ohio State’s digital information and services, whether created by Ohio State or purchased for our use, as well as the reporting requirements necessary to ensure compliance with the university’s obligations under applicable state and federal laws and regulations.
   When you have completed this 35-minute course, you will be able to:
   • Define accessibility
   • Describe the purpose of the Digital Accessibility policy
   • Explain to what the Digital Accessibility policy applies
   • List the roles and responsibilities defined in the Digital Accessibility policy
   To access the training, log into and enter "Digital Accessibility Policy" into the search window in the upper right-hand corner of the page.