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Vaccination rate climbs 

Submitted by Kris Boone,

As more Buckeyes report their vaccination status, we are gaining more insight into Ohio State's true COVID-19 vaccination rate. As of Friday, more than 70% of OSU returning students, faculty and staff have completed their vaccination, and we believe there are still many individuals who have yet to report their status.

Please get vaccinated if possible and to use the appropriate tool to report the information:

  • Faculty and staff should report through the employee reporting form
  • Students should report through the My BuckMD portal managed by Student Life Student Health Services.

By better understanding our vaccination rate, we can tailor our health protocols even more effectively to conditions on our campuses this fall.

Note that individuals must use these tools to ensure they are counted in our totals, even if they were vaccinated through the Wexner Medical Center. More information, including FAQs about the reporting process, is posted at