Wednesday Wire : July 18, 2018

  1. Professional development opportunities

    Submitted by Kayla Arnold,

    On behalf of Wooster Campus Staff Council I would like to share the following professional development opportunities with you:

    OSU Leadership Center
    As of July 1st, the OSU Leadership Center is offering a discounted rate to Ohio State employees for our workshops. Three-hour workshops will be $75* (unless noted differently, based on assessment fees), rather than the normal rate of $95. To see a listing of upcoming workshops, please go to To register for these workshops, click here.

    CFAES Staff Advisory Council
    CFAES SAC has arranged three educational opportunities this summer that focus on Professional Development. The second will be held next Tuesday, July 17 (see details below). We encourage you to bring your lunch and enjoy the company of your fellow employees while listening to our great speakers. You can view information about the full series in the attached flyer. Please register if you plan to attend.

    Staff Career Development Grant
    Staff have an opportunity to further their growth and development through the Staff Career Development Grant. New this year, the available funding for individuals and groups has increased to $1,250 for individuals, $1,750 for groups of 2-10 and $2,000 for groups of 11 or more, and the funds can be used for professional development, education or training costs related to job and/or career goals. Applications are being accepted until Tuesday (7/31). Visit the USAC website for more information and to view the application.

    Buckeye Wellness Lunch and Learn on resiliency
    With the fast pace of today's culture, it can be difficult to navigate situations throughout life and manage the stress associated. Join Jodie Leister for a free lunch on Friday (7/20) noon-1 p.m. at the Ross Auditorium to learn ways to inoculate your life from stress and better manage the hustle of everyday life. Biometric screenings and health coaching sign-ups will be available in the Ross Heart Hospital lobby 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

  2. Update on searches in progress

    Submitted by Frances Whited,

    There are a number of searches in process for both faculty and staff.

    Biology position - The interviews have concluded. Thank you to the search committee and everyone who participated in the process. 

    Ag Engineering position - The position has been posted and a search committee formed. Dan Linden will be chairing. 

    Admissions Counselor - The posting period has ended and review of applications will begin soon.

    Transition Counselor - Posting is still active.

    Program Assistant for the SAC - An offer has been made and accepted, pending background check clearance.

    Office Assistant in horticulture - The posting period has ended and review of applications will begin soon.


  3. 2018 CFAES I-Corps@Ohio team successful in competitions

    Submitted by Shauna Brummet,

    Congratulations to the three 2018 CFAES I-Corps@Ohio teams on their successful completion of this highly competitive program to explore the market pull for the Discoveries made in their research programs. I-Corps@Ohio is a statewide grant-funded program to assist faculty and graduate students from Ohio universities and colleges to validate the market potential of their technologies and launch startup companies.

    This year marks the fourth year of the I-Corps@Ohio program, led and administrated for the State at OSU by Michael Camp and Norm Chagnon.  CFAES has been represented in three of the four years by seven teams – more than any other single College in OSU and a high number for any university overall.  Teams of Entrepreneurial Leads (ELs), Principal Investigator, and Mentors work on establishing product-market fit to validate the potential for successful commercialization.

    Our teams this year are working to commercialize their technologies addressing agricultural issues that cause losses in the tens of millions to billions of dollars per year for their industries:

    ·Biocontrol of bacterial diseases of hydroponically grown crops, such as tomatoes and cucumbers.

    ·Prevention of frost damage on grape, small fruits, and tree fruits using natural products.

    ·Prevention of Salmonella contamination of eggs and poultry meat using drinking-water delivered nanovaccine.

    Not only has market validation of the unmet needs been achieved, but our students, post-doc, and staff have gained very valuable experiential learning that will support their success in academic and private-sector careers.

  4. ATI recruitment publication wins award

    Submitted by Frances Whited,

    In June during the National Agricultural Alumni and Development Association (NAADA) national conference hosted by the University of Idaho, the "Ohio State ATI Pennant" brochure was named the winner of the "Multimedia & Promotional Materials Division - Specialty Items/Give-aways" category of the Projects and Publications awards.  

    This piece was designed by our CFAES Marketing and Communications team and is used by the ATI admissions staff at college fairs and other recruitment events.  

    You can view a complete PDF of the publication here, or stop by the admissions office and see it in person!


  5. CFAES documents approved by Office of Academic Affairs

    Submitted by Kris Boone,

    CFAES Patterns of Administration (POA) and Appointments, Promotions and Tenure (APT) documents have received final approval and are posted on the Office of Academic Affairs website.

  6. Support the fight against cancer

    Submitted by Jeanne Osborne,

    You've seen the message from Dean Kress about Pelotonia - the bike ride to raise money to fight cancer - and Team Buckeye - CFAES Sustains Life; and maybe you have wondered, 'how can I get involved?' There are many opportunities to join this event and fight cancer. 
    You may want to be a virtual rider (join the Dean, Kris and Jeanne as we 'ride' along virtually with the more than 5,000 people who will be riding up to 180 miles on Aug. 4 & 5). You can volunteer the days of the race ( there are many opportunities at Kenyon College on Aug. 4 for example). You can donate directly online or you can buy raffle tickets for prizes like two OSU Football Season Tickets, a cabin for two on the Buckeye Cruise for Cancer, or a day with TBDBITL (tickets are 1 for $15 or 3 for $30 - see Kris or Jeanne if you would like to purchase!). The possibilities are many, and the need is great! 
    We all have been touched by the 'Big C' in one way or another, and there has been so much progress in the fight. My hope is that our children's children will see a world where cancer is just another type of sick and that 'cure' is the norm. 
     Go to to learn more about the team and how you can get involved; or see Kris or Jeanne for more information! And, Go Bucks...Beat Cancer! 

  7. Tomorrow, July 19, is last day to RSVP for Employee Appreciation Picnic

    Tomorrow, July 19, is the last day to RSVP for the Employee Appreciation Picnic at Hawk's Nest on july 26! For all Ohio State ATI employees and their immediate families. Plan for a day of golf, fishing, food and fun! RSVP at!

  8. Ask ITsy

    Have a question about the CFAES IT Transformation and how it will affect the Wooster Campus? Ask ITsy!

    Dear ITsy,
    I understand EVERYONE is getting new computers! How exciting! When do I get mine????

    Still Using a Stone Tablet

    Dear Stone Tablet,

    Alas, it's not like the Oprah Winfrey show..."You get a computer! And you get a computer! EVERYONE gets a computer!" What the SLA (that would be the Service Level Agreement -- the thing that specifies who is responsible for what) says is that computers that are currently out of warranty (generally, four or more years old) will be replaced. The good news is that your stone tablet probably falls into that category. The bad news (for you, at least) is that people with broken stone tablets -- I mean, broken computers or laptops -- will be first in line for replacements. IT is still gathering the information we need to create a plan for when each department/unit will begin working with OCIO (Office of the Chief Information Officer) on computer replacements and other services. Stay tuned for more details!


    P.S. You can submit a question for me here.