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Hello from Horticulture

Submitted by Terry Lanker,

Much is happening in the Horticulture Division this summer. Here are some important updates:

  • Strategic budget planning has resulted in important and difficult decisions to sustain the future of horticulture programs at ATI.  Most notable are decisions to deactivate the Floral Design and Marketing program and to reorganize some of our staffing including one position moving to Grounds.  More information will be provided once details are finalized.  The floral program deactivation will occur across a two-year period with this fall’s incoming students being the last.
  • The turf faculty search committee has identified three strong candidates for interview.  Schedules are currently being developed to bring these folks to campus.
  • The vacant Greenhouse Manager position will be posted soon with a new title – Academic Greenhouse Coordinator.  Uttara Samarakoon is chairing the search committee.  We hope to fill this position before fall semester.
  • We will host a simplified version of the annual garden open house on Friday, August 6, 3:00-7:00 pm in the campus learning gardens.  This event fulfills our obligation for a public event required by our affiliation as an All-America Selections display garden site.
  • I will be exiting my role as Division Chair on August 15, 2021.  It has been an honor to serve the outstanding faculty and staff of the Horticulture Division for the past 15 years, but it is time for a change.  Kris Boone will make an announcement soon regarding plans for the future.

Finally, a shoutout to Heather Bauder, Shane Berner, and Tyler Morris who, together with their student workers, have been working tirelessly this summer to bring landscapes, ball fields, and campus learning gardens back to life after last summer’s minimal allowed maintenance.  We hope whenever you return to campus, you will take the opportunity to stroll through the ornamental areas of campus and enjoy the beauty they have created as a representation of all things horticulture.