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Wednesday Wire: January 30, 2019

  1. 2019 Great Decisions series at COW addresses global health

    Submitted by Kris Boone,

    The College of Wooster's annual Great Decisions series in on the topic of global health, a topic of interest to many on our campus.

    Tuesday, Feb. 5:  documentary film: “The Unseen Enemy”

    The 2019 series begins with the screening of “The Unseen Enemy,” a documentary directed and written by Janet Tobias that explores the global, political, economic, and public health conditions that may contribute to the next global pandemic. “The Unseen Enemy” takes a deep dive, through the eyes of doctors, disease detectives, and everyday men and women, as to why in the 21st century the world is experiencing a rash of diseases that were once only outbreaks but have now become full-blown epidemics.


    Thursday, Feb. 7: “Before they Strike: Viral Forecasting for Pandemic Prevention”

    Nathan Wolfe will present “Before They Strike: Viral Forecasting for Pandemic Prevention.” Wolfe is the founder and CEO of Metabiota, a pioneering risk analytics company that improves the world’s resilience to epidemics, and also the founder of Global Viral, an independent non-profit research organization that focuses on innovative research in ecology, biodiversity and public health.  Wolfe formerly held the Lorry I. Lokey Business Wire Consulting Professorship in Human Biology at Stanford University. Named one of Time magazine’s “100 Most Influential People in the World” in 2011, and a National Geographic “Emerging Explorer” in 2010, he has traveled the world conducting biomedical research with hopes of tracking, studying, and eradicating the next pandemic before it strikes. 


    Tuesday, Feb. 19: “The Opioid Crisis: Economic, Legal, and Clinical Perspectives”

    A distinguished panel of three experts will discuss “The Opioid Crisis: Economic, Legal, and Clinical Perspectives.” Sanho Tree is a fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies and has been director of its drug policy project since 1998; he has worked to reform both international and domestic drug policies, and to end the damage caused by the drug wars in Colombia, Bolivia, Mexico, Afghanistan, and the Philippines.  The Honorable Thomas Teodosio is a judge on the Ohio Ninth District Court of Appeals who has presided over Summit county’s award-winning alternative drug court program known as “The Turning Point.” Dr. Nicole Labor is a board-certified addiction physician, and the associate medical director of addiction medicine for Summa Health in Akron, as well as medical director of OneEighty in Wooster. Together they will discuss the numerous issues surrounding the growing abuse of opioids.


    Tuesday, Feb. 26: “Complexities of Conducting International Clinical Research”

    Dr. Diane Jorkasky (Wooster class of ’73), an expert on drug development and international medicine, will deliver “The Complexities of Conducting International Clinical Research.” As part of the esteemed Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellows program, Jorkasky returns to campus where she’ll offer her expertise as a medical scientist and researcher in the pharmaceutical industry. The 2016 Winner of the University of Pennsylvania’s “Women in Medicine” award, she is currently president of her own research and development consulting business, which emphasizes translational pharmacology.  As vice president of the global clinical research operations group at Pfizer, Inc., she oversaw research groups in the U.S., Europe, and Asia, and the research units under Dr. Jorkasky’s supervision were the first in the pharmaceutical industry to be awarded certification by the American Accreditation for Human Rights Protection.   



  2. Equity and Inclusion Workshop Opportunity

    Submitted by Kris Boone,

    Kris Boone strongly encourages faculty and staff to register for and attend the Equity and Inclusion workshop on Feb. 22 in Wooster.

    The Office of Equity and Inclusion’s spring-summer 2019 workshop schedule is now available. Each month, Leo Taylor (, program director of Equity and Inclusion, will facilitate a workshop on the Columbus and Wooster campuses on a topic related to diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice. These free workshops, available to all CFAES faculty, staff, and postdocs, are a wonderful opportunity for personal growth and professional development. Registration is required due to limited space. January’s workshop, “Cultivating an Inclusive Environment: Recognizing and Responding to Unconscious Bias,” was held on Jan. 11 in Columbus and will be held on Jan. 25 in Wooster. It will be offered again in April.

    Registration for the February workshops (Feb. 8 in Columbus; Feb. 22 in Wooster) is now underway. Titled “Identity, Power, and Privilege”, the program will explore what it means to have and lack privilege, the complexity of social identities, and how to use power and privilege to disrupt the cycle of oppression. Participants will identify their social identities, begin to uncover sources of bias that have been reinforced by socialization, develop skills for effective allyship, and learn how implementing even the smallest of changes can transform an individual into an agent of change in their communities and profession.

    Find the complete schedule of upcoming workshops.

  3. Faculty and Staff Discounts

    Submitted by Robin Frazier,

    Ohio State faculty or staff members have access to a wide variety of discounted products and services offered by many local and national vendors. Discounts include auto sales and services, computers, gym/fitness memberships, housing, mobile phones, transportation, flowers, banking, internet/cable, recreation, retail, Columbus Blue Jackets, Columbus Crew, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Newport Aquarium and travel. In addition to many partnerships with local organizations, Ohio State is a member of COESRA to provide local and national discounts on things ranging from travel, movies, theme parks and shopping. A new COESRA digital card has been posted on the HR website, along with instructions on how faculty and staff can use the benefit. Visit the Discount Programs page: for more information about COESRA and other available discounts and offers.

  4. W-2 Information

    Submitted by Robin Frazier,

    If employees have left the university, their online W-2 consent is withdrawn. Their W-2 will be mailed starting January 28th to their address in the HR System. 
    If they have moved they will need to contact the payroll office to confirm identity and update their home address. If the original W-2 is returned it would be re-mailed to their new address. If it does not return, a re-print will be mailed mid to end of February. 
    Contact information for payroll office is listed below: 
    Phone: 614-292-2311 

  5. Staff Annual Reports due this week

    Submitted by Robin Frazier,

    All staff employees must submit their 2018 Annual Reports to their immediate supervisor by January 31, 2019. This information will be used by supervisors to prepare the 2018 annual performance reviews for each staff member. 

    Supervisors are then required to complete an Annual Performance Review for each individual staff member. Performance Reviews need to be signed and submitted to Buckeye Box by March 31, 2019 for Dr. Boone to review. The staff annual reports should be included with each performance review. 


  6. Animals on Campus

    Submitted by Thom Janini,

    There continues to be some confusion about the rules governing the presence of animals in ATI academic buildings. I hope this provides clarification. 
    The University has a general “no pets” policy in all of its buildings. Pets are allowed on the grounds when leashed and under control. Service Animals are generally allowed to accompany their handlers in any building or public space where their handlers are permitted. Emotional Support and visiting therapy animals may be allowed in specified areas of the University with advanced approval. 
    Service Animals 
    A service animal at the Ohio State University, and as defined by the American with Disabilities Act (, is a dog that has been trained to perform an active task that mitigates or partially mitigates the impact of the handler’s disability. Service animals are working animals, not pets. The service (work or task) a dog has been trained to provide must be directly related to the person’s disability. Dogs whose sole function is to provide comfort or emotional support do not qualify as service animals under the ADA. 
    At the Ohio State ATI campus a student (handler) with a service animal (dog) that is registered with Student Success Services - Disability Services is allowed to accompany their student (handler) anywhere on the campus that their student (handler) is permitted (exceptions may exist in areas requiring protective clothing for access). If a Service Animal’s role is not obvious, faculty/staff may ask the student (handler) two questions: 
       1. Is this a service animal required for a disability? 
       2. What work or task (service) does the dog perform? 
       The student (handler) cannot be: 
       • asked about their disability 
       • required to provide medical documentation 
       • required to present a special identification card or training documentation for the dog 
       • asked to demonstrate the dog’s ability to perform the service 

    Emotional Support Animals 
    Assistance animals that provide passive support that partially ameliorates the impact of a disability are referred to as Emotional Support Animals (ESAs). ESA’s are not typically allowed in ATI’s academic buildings unless an accommodation has been granted through Disability Services. 
    Visiting Therapy Animals 
    Animals in the company of their handlers that have been trained to make wellness, stress reduction or therapeutic short-term visits are Visiting Therapy Animals. Permission is required before these animals can be brought into camps buildings. 
    All other privately owned animals that are not in any of the groups listed above are pets. Pets are not allowed in academic buildings generally. Exceptions are occasionally made when an animal will be used in a teaching function and prior permission has been granted by ATI. 

     For further information about bringing animals to campus and into academic buildings, please access the OSU University Animal Policy online: 

  7. CFAES Outstanding Student Organization Award

    Submitted by Thom Janini,

    Club advisors, please consider submitting your organization for the CFAES Outstanding Student Organization Award.

    The 2019 College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences Celebration of Students Program is April 4th, and we are excited to announce that ATI students and student organizations are eligible to apply for more awards than ever! 
    We have made some changes to the Outstanding Student Organization Award and have made it open to all student organizations in CFAES – not just those who belong to Student Council. That means that ATI student organizations are eligible to apply. Take a look at the application and see that, instead of one award, there will now be up to six awards: 
       • Student Organization of the Year 
       • Leadership/Professional Development Excellence Award 
       • Community Engagement Excellence Award 
       • Collaboration Excellence Award 
       • Active Citizenship Award 
       • CFAES Mission Award 
       In addition, ATI students or faculty/staff can be nominated for 
       • CFAES Student Employee Award 
       • Internship Award 
       • Outstanding Service to Students Award 
       • Outstanding Academic Mentor Award 
       This is the link for the webpage that lists the awards: 
       Deadline for submission of all award applications/nominations is 5:00 p.m. Sunday, February 10. 

  8. Buckeye Voices from Ohio State ATI

    Submitted by Frances Whited,

    We all know our students have amazing experiences here, but it's not always easy to get that story out to others. Sharing the ATI experience with a wider audience, including prospective students and their families is the goal of Buckeye Voices from Ohio State ATI.

    If you visit the blog, you can subscribe to an RSS feed that will update you every time a new entry is posted. Right now, you can visit it to read about Courtney Heiser's experience at the AFA conference and Mark Christopherson's internship experience.