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Equity and Inclusion Workshop Opportunity

Submitted by Kris Boone,

Kris Boone strongly encourages faculty and staff to register for and attend the Equity and Inclusion workshop on Feb. 22 in Wooster.

The Office of Equity and Inclusion’s spring-summer 2019 workshop schedule is now available. Each month, Leo Taylor (, program director of Equity and Inclusion, will facilitate a workshop on the Columbus and Wooster campuses on a topic related to diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice. These free workshops, available to all CFAES faculty, staff, and postdocs, are a wonderful opportunity for personal growth and professional development. Registration is required due to limited space. January’s workshop, “Cultivating an Inclusive Environment: Recognizing and Responding to Unconscious Bias,” was held on Jan. 11 in Columbus and will be held on Jan. 25 in Wooster. It will be offered again in April.

Registration for the February workshops (Feb. 8 in Columbus; Feb. 22 in Wooster) is now underway. Titled “Identity, Power, and Privilege”, the program will explore what it means to have and lack privilege, the complexity of social identities, and how to use power and privilege to disrupt the cycle of oppression. Participants will identify their social identities, begin to uncover sources of bias that have been reinforced by socialization, develop skills for effective allyship, and learn how implementing even the smallest of changes can transform an individual into an agent of change in their communities and profession.

Find the complete schedule of upcoming workshops.