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Wednesday Wire: January 22, 2020

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Attention to Retention

  1. What are some of the small acts you do on a daily basis to make ATI a better place to work and learn? 


  1. Gwen Short will offer tips for faster and more effective literature searching using databases you may not be using. 

  2. What’s special about the public domain? Free of copyright restrictions, public domain materials can be freely copied, shared, and remixed by students, instructors, and researchers.

  3. If you have a research question that utilizes data, data visualization and its associated tools can help you analyze and make sense of the information you have gathered.

  4. This lecture is part of the Ohio State ADVANCE Faculty Research Lecture Series. The mission of Ohio State ADVANCE is to increase the representation, advancement and recruitment of women faculty in the academic STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine) careers.

  5. This is an online challenge designed to help researchers enhance the impact and visibility of their research.


  1. As we all know, preparing to go on the job market is not a last-minute endeavor. Encouraging students to begin now will ensure that they are prepared for the job search ahead.

  2. The ATI Community Choir is in full swing and kicked off its first practice last Thursday in the Community Room. More voices are welcome to join.

  3. As a reminder, reviewed, amended, and/or restructured program learning goals and outcomes are due to Warren Flood.13 by Wednesday, Jan 29, 2020.