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Updates to eRequest and eTravel documentation procedures

Submitted by Desiree Lutsch,

Effective January 25, 2019 - To align with the University and CFAES practices,  ATI is no longer requiring that an eRequest is submitted for travel-related pcard purchases.  All travel related expenses will be captured within the e-travel system under the approved travel request number.  This update in procedure only affects transactions purchased with a University issued credit card (pcard).  The post-trip reconciling process does not change.

ETravel Process - Any pcard expenses will now be submitted through the eTravel system ( Within 48 hours of the pcard transaction (not the travel dates) scan each item separately and title with the expense type, amount, and transaction date. 

For example - a conference registration purchased with a pcard should look something like: Conference reg. $500 2/1/2019

This will enable fiscal staff to match the travel expense to the credit card activity for proper and timely allocation. 

The transaction date is key in identifying and matching up transactions as they appear in our banking activity. Some items, such as a hotel room charge, may not charge the card until you check out.  It is at that point that you should upload the final room receipt to the travel request.

PCard Log Compliance – For any department pcard, the pcard manager is required to keep a tracking log of transactions.  Complete the pcard log with the T# for travel related expenses at the time you use the card. Each transaction should be listed separately on the pcard log AND you may have multiple items with the same T#. 

If you use the pcard for a hotel reservation, complete the log when you make the reservation – DO NOT wait until you travel.  To be in compliance for audit purposes, the log is to be completed when it is used.