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Spot and Refer: Please Help Us Connect Students to Program Excel

Submitted by Dee Dee Snyder,

Whether it’s a student you chat with occasionally or a student you see on regular basis, please help Program Excel connect (or reconnect) with students this semester by checking to see if students are on the Program Excel list in Buckeye Box. Titled Program Excel Student List for Campus, the folder holds a spreadsheet with all Ohio State ATI students who are eligible to participate in Program Excel. 

We always welcome referrals for students who are having difficulty, but our goal is to connect with students before trouble occurs. We need your help to encourage students to meet with their academic mentors, so we can touch base and help students tackle challenges before they escalate. Here’s the best way to connect students to PE. 

3 Steps to Refer a Student to Program Excel: 
   • Look in the Program Excel Student List for Campus folder in Buckeye Box to verify that the student can participate in Program Excel. 
   • In the list, note the name of the student’s academic mentor. 
   • When talking with the student individually, ask them if they’ve met with with First Name, Last Name (specific name of their academic mentor) this semester. If they say no, encourage them to visit Student Success Services and schedule an appointment ASAP. 

Don’t have access to the folder in Buckeye Box? Email Dee Dee Snyder:

Don’t know how to explain what an academic mentor is? You can say that it is their point-person on campus, someone who wants to connect with them to provide resources for them as they work through their degree. 

Aren’t familiar with the PE academic mentors? They are: Leslie Eisberg, Mary Ann Frantz, Keegan Hange and Kelly Mata. 

Can’t remember exactly what Program Excel does or how it can help students? No problem! Contact Dee Dee, who wlll be happy to give you a refresher.